Pediatric Dentistry

For Lifelong Dental Health, Putting Children at Ease is an Important Part of Pediatric Dentistry in New York City

Pediatric dentistry requires a behavioral understanding of children at varying stages. In order to help children feel comfortable and have a pleasant experience when visiting the dentist, Dr. Amy Lustabader and his dental staff take special care when working with children to put them at ease. When children visit Midtown Dental Group, they will learn quickly that going to the dentist isn't an ordeal to dread, but rather, an easy experience that can even be fun!

Optimum Adult Dental Health Starts in Childhood, and Your NYC Pediatric Dentist Sets the Tone

Because dental problems frequently have their origins in childhood, effective pediatric dentistry involves regular check-ups to monitor for issues, such as gum disease and childhood tooth decay. Children who have been bottle-fed or breastfed longer than usual are especially prone to early tooth decay. Gum disease may also strike in childhood—in fact, almost half of all children between the ages of two and three have some degree of inflammation of the gum tissues. Thumb-sucking is a habit that pediatric dentists are watchful for, as well. The earlier in life that children become accustomed to seeing a pediatric dentist on a regular basis, the better their odds for having strong teeth.

Essential Steps of Pediatric Dentistry: Avoiding Tooth Decay and Tooth Loss

Baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, are important for a number of reasons: chewing, speech development, and a healthy, attractive appearance which can dramatically impact self-esteem. Healthy baby teeth also play a role in the normal development of the bones and muscles that make up and support the jaw, and they also serve as a placeholder until permanent teeth come in. When baby teeth are lost too soon, it may affect the alignment of incoming permanent teeth. Some baby teeth, such as the molars, will need to last until the child is 10-14 years old, which is another reason that preserving the health of baby teeth is extremely important.

Decayed baby teeth can be just as painful and damaging as a cavity, abscess, or infection in an adult permanent tooth. Decay from baby teeth may also spread to permanent teeth, and if left untreated, can spread systemically, making the child ill in a number of ways. In addition to regular preventive care, ask the pediatric dentistry staff at Park Dental Brooklyn about sealants, which is a protective coating painted onto the baby teeth to shield them from bacteria and food particles that are most likely to cause or exacerbate decay.

Establish Positive Dental Habits While They're Young: Contact Park Dental Brooklyn Midtown Dental Group for Pediatric Dentistry in New York City

The staff at Midtown Dental Group keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in pediatric dentistry in order to provide younger patients with the most advanced care and techniques available. Dr. Amy Lustabader and staff provide excellence in all facets of dentistry, patient care, and customer service. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art dental facility in New York City Midtown, call Midtown Dental Group at 212-759-5595. We will show you why our dental practice has been a favorite of your local friends and neighbors in the neighborhood for years. Midtown Dental Group is located at 155 East 55 Street, Suite 301 New York, NY 10022.