Lumineer – Get Ready For the Most Beautiful Smile of Your Life

Everyone wants a beautiful look. You might not smile as often as you would like to, because you're embarrassed of your teeth. It's a common problem that a lot of people face. How much better would your life be like if you could smile as often as you want with the confidence that you look absolutely fabulous. How would it help your career? Your love life? Your own mood and happiness?

If you're suffering from stained, crooked or chipped teeth that cause you to shy away from conversations and smiling, a lumineer treatment could change your life. A lumineer is like a veneer placement, except that there is no drilling into your sensitive tooth structure, no painful shots, and zero pain.

What's even more remarkable is that they are absolutely reversible. You can have the smile that you've always wanted with absolutely no risk. If you want them off, you can have them off.

What are some of the excellent benefits you can have from a procedure?

  • They have been proven to last for over 20 years - Clinical testing has shown that a lumineer placement will look great for 20 years or more. There's even a limited lifetime warranty just in case you might need a replacement.

  • They can be placed in two easy visits

  • No painful procedures

  • Pick any shade of white to accentuate your teeth.

  • You can continue to eat and drink whatever you want - They are very durable. They've been around for over 20 years and the technology keeps getting better and better every year. Many thousands of patients have had this procedure and are very satisfied. Of course, you still need to continue to have checkups on a regular basis.

At Midtown Dental Group, we have the experience and knowledge to expertly place a lumineer and transform your teeth into the look that will make everyone around you envy. Give us a call and schedule a consultation and see what's possible for you.